Health Care

The healthcare industry around the world faces significant challenges to improve quality with fewer resources.

There are higher challenges due to rising healthcare cost, shortage of skilled labor, increased regulations, accelerating technology costs and diminishing profit margins. These are compounded by rising R&D costs, pipeline failures, Patent expiry, etc.

UBN QTech Solutions CYBER SYSTEMS, with its acknowledged experience in the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry, offers solutions in the following areas:

  • Data Integration
  • Data Analytics Services
  • Clinical Data Design and Management
  • Payer and Provider Services

UBN QTech Solutions offers comprehensive solutions to tackle cost control, manage regulations in an efficient way and is extremely competitive in newer technology implementations, thereby helping obtain a better ROI and higher profit margins.

Data Integration

Data Is Highly Scattered In The Healthcare Industry, Typically:

  • #
  • Pharmacy Claims
  • Facilities
  • Professional Services
  • Encounter Data
  • Membership Data
  • Lab Data
  • Ancillary Data
  • Formulary Data
  • Medical Care Quality Measures
  • Industry Subscription Data (provided by Client)
  • Drug Pricing Files
  • Provider Files
  • Pharmacy Files
  • Disease Information
  • Clinical Algorithms
  • Diagnosis Codes and Information
  • Procedure Codes and Information

Data Analytics Services

Statistical Services:

  • Statistical analysis plan design
  • Sample size calculations
  • Randomization schedule design
  • Interim analysis
  • Exploratory analysis and statistical modeling for efficacy and safety evaluation of drugs
  • Statistical support for publications and post marketing analysis
  • Integrated analysis of efficacy and safety

SAS Programming Services:

  • Creation of analysis database
  • Edit checks and database clean-up
  • Program summary tables, listings and graphs

Outcome Analysis:

  • Assumptions
  • Calculation logic
  • Design and Develop methodologies based on study

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