Industry Finance

Expected to deliver real time availability and reliability

The ever changing face of the financial services industry map and rapid growth has led to the need of a newer breed of complex IT solutions. With the world becoming a local market, these solutions are expected to deliver real time availability and reliability. With these newer challenges, the organizations have been forced to keep pace with technological advances and to become more proactive while maintaining cost-efficient ways.

With our expertise in testing and monitoring tools, combined with thorough domain knowledge we help our customers maintain their complex IT solutions without impacting their reliability and availability aspects. This lets them concentrate on their core business and help it grow.

UBN QTech Solutions offers a wide range of services in the following Technology domains of Capital Markets :

Capital Markets

  • FIX Engine Verification
  • OMS Testing Solutions
  • Assess system compliance and manage FIX Certification
  • Operations Support
  • Trade Desk Support (Technical/Administrative)

Some of the Benefits

  • Better performance acted as a catalyst for more online transactions.
  • High System reliability.
  • Retain high net worth customers who demand top application performance.
  • Reduced risk due to comprehensive test coverage.

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