Quality Assurance and Testing

Faster time to market. Tighter budgets.

Businesses are faced with a lot of constraints today. But when it comes to testing, there is no room for error. Now you can have a flexible partner that can meet your business needs and deliver the quality your end-users expect.

UBN QTech Solutions Quality Assurance and Testing Services (QATS) helps businesses around the world reduce the time and effort in testing. Our core focus is on Industry Domain and Technology based testing. From HP, IMB to Microsoft – our expertise spans various testing tools and industries.

Experience Consistent Business Value & Benefits with UBN QTech Solutions Quality Assurance Services:

Quality Assurance

UBN QTech Solutions QA/Testing practice offers a comprehensive suite of services across the entire software test life cycle. We provide end-to-end QA services in product testing, enterprise and application testing segments leveraging our experience and expertise in functional and non-functional testing.

UBN QTech Solutions testing center of excellence focuses on building industry/domain expertise, best in-class test methodologies, automation and performance testing excellence, know-how on new trends and accelerators to deliver high quality testing services to our customers. Our customized key enablers such as "Knowledge Management", "Account Management" & "Multi-dimensional Knowledge Transition" framework helps achieve consistent best testing efficiencies, mitigate business risks and generate consistent business value to our customers.

Functional Testing Services

  • End to End Testing: From testing requirements to test execution, with extensive metrics reporting and defect management.
  • Functionality Testing: Feature validation of an entire function or component of your product.
  • System Integration Testing: Product functionality testing in an integrated environment through rigorous module testing and interaction with external systems.
  • Regression Testing: Correction of product defects for each new release and ensuring that no new quality problems are introduced.
  • Compatibility Testing: Ensure that the product works fine in all targeted OS and Browser combinations.
  • User Acceptance Testing: Ensure that the product meets end-user functional requirements.
  • Metrics: Detailed test metrics at the end of each test cycle.

Functional Testing

Why UBN QTech Solutions For Functional Testing

  • Proven expertise in test strategy, planning and test execution techniques.
  • End-user focused approach.
  • Identification of defects earlier in the development process.
  • Efficient testing through the usage of best practices and best-of-breed tools.
  • Development of repeatable test plans to reduce testing time.
  • Replicate and establish test environment of the client at our offshore QA lab or work directly in the client's environment.
  • The selection of the appropriate tool or framework to use. Our experts have unmatched experience in using both Open source tools as well as all the leading test tools including, Silk Test, QTP and Selenium.
  • Identifying the communication model for reporting daily activities and the UBN QTech Solutions on the testing process. UBN QTech Solutions team participates in daily meetings and triage to ensure quick resolution of identified issues.

Test Automation Requires

  • Why Test Automation: Due to constant changes in applications and environment, enterprises are spending too much effort and costs on regression testing. Test automation helps accelerate regression test efforts in a cost effective manner. Test automation allows 24x7 unattended execution
  • Tool Knowledge, skills and flexible practices.
  • Creating a test automation framework and methodology.
  • Building a scalable and maintainable regression test suite.
  • Integrating test automation efforts into overall development lifecycle.

Why UBN QTech Solutions For Test Automation?

  • UBN QTech Solutions Cyber Systemstest automation framework expertise helps building automation solutions for our clients time effectively and efficiently. UBN QTech Solutions has complete handhold in developing data driven, keyword driven automation framework in SILK Test & QTP and web drivers & Robot framework using Selenium. Our automation solutions has delivered 100% improvement in productivity and 40% reduction in test maintenance efforts in numerous test automation engagements. Key features of our framework are:
  • Large repository of keywords for a common, scalable knowledge base that promotes
  • reuse of functional libraries.
  • Smart tagging of test cases to allow selection for execution based on "release objectives.
  • Dashboard providing visibility into project status, test execution results & analysis.
  • Supports "continuous integration testing" and seamlessly works with all web based online applications.
  • Single point maintenance methodology ensures maintainable test scripts.
  • Allows non-technical users to execute scripts with limited handholding.
  • Enables clients to run a complete regression test for minute changes and builds confidence in the quality of the software.

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